About the Book

In this book, I hope to tell how this 83-year-old computer illiterate—who knew so little about his ancestors— was able to trace three of his main branches back to the 1700s and beyond. I traced the fourth back to the early 1800s and possibly beyond. And I did it all by using the Internet. And nothing else.

Maybe my surnames were easy to trace, but I can tell you there is a wealth of genealogy information on the Internet and it’s all there for you to discover. My intent is to offer suggestions as I take you through my searches, something that would have made my work so much easier. Hopefully, you will trust an 83-year-old to help you travel back in time.

This book is not intended for experts in genealogy, for they know far, far more about the subject than I would ever hope to grasp. This is for beginners like myself with time on their hands.

I think what I have discovered about my “family tree” is truly extraordinary and I want to share my experience with others in a simple way.

Chapters will tell how I searched those four surnames, explaining where I went to find unknown family members and how I proceeded, so that others can use similar methods in their searches.

Other chapters will tell how I became interested in genealogy, how little I knew about my family and will also include a listing of Internet genealogy search sites that I used. I will list other available genealogy places that could also be helpful. In other words, this is a simple “how-to” book.

About Me

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I am an 83 year old retired hospital adminisrator and a proud member of the "Greatest Generation" -- having served in the Marine Corps during World WarII. While in my late 70s, I became interested in genealogy (searching for my roots). Knowing very little about my family and less about a computer, I began my search, using exclusively the Internet. My findings were so remarkable that I decided to publish a book detailing how I traced 3 branches back to the 1600s and beyond. The 4th branch back to the early 1800s and just maybe on further back. My purpose is to share these extrordinary findings with whoever might have an interest in discovering their roots.
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